Clinics development plan

Develop clinics Aforeigbh Mansoura University Hospitals Plan
Objective: to provide the best service with minimal effort and as soon as the patient is respectful of human figures
Vision: development depends on two clinics Aforeigbh
First, the development of solid infrastructure (hardware) to include Aaadt
1. infrastructure and it includes the development of supply such as electricity and double loads and telephone lines and the Internet sewage brother ....
2. superstructure and includes the construction, repair and renovation of all buildings of outpatient doctors detect and cabins and parts and processes small and large halls preparations and internal and external courses and clinics for the restrooms and toilets rooms
And escalators, elevators and road paving, landscaping and painting and lighting
Second: Soft infrastructure development include (software)
1-activate the system Ibn Sina for the registration of personal and medical data through the computer to save time and facilitate the work procedures and complete data for all patients to facilitate follow-up and information retrieval base
2-reducing crowding in front of the ticket outlets and by reducing how much evidence OBTAINED of each patient
3. secretarial training doctors and clinics and nursing registration system through the computer
4-work training courses for doctors and nurses on how to deal with the patient Hassan
5. D detection clinics in time to become con clinics to serve the public
6. activating per day system operations
7. development Alleihh in force in the state's expense and treatment system and the economic use of the Internet in the extraction of decisions
8. develop security system and determining the campus clinics Aforeigbh and monitoring of vital places clinics through Kamrat control and communication between security personnel for Triviajhzh Wireless
9. Tmakrakoshv the possibility of booking via telephone and Internet
This Nqat simplified to explain the development plan and will we will bring you all the achievements that have been achieved and what are the obstacles with the possibility of Tzliha
D / Mohammed Ghandour.
  Director clinics
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