Orthopedic surgery


Work began Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the hospital's main university in 1968 after it took over the university hospital building of the Ministry of Health.

The internal section of the 5 wings University Hospital benchmark consists (127 beds) are sections 2 (men) and 16 (women and children) and 13 (women and children) and emergency bones (men) and unit knee surgery (men and women) in addition to the Department of Orthopedic Surgery Emergency fifth floor hospital (48 beds).

Of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery wing independent operations University Hospital benchmark consists of three rooms operations and ward operations unit knee consists of a two operations, and conducted wings section operations of all types of surgery, the bones of a tricky special, such as joint replacement industrial surgery, knee and hip and shoulder surgery cruciate ligament arthroscopic surgery spine surgery and bone tumors and surgeries repair birth defects in children and surgeries hand and upper extremity surgery and bone using Ilizarov apparatus, in addition to all the traditional orthopedic surgeries.






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