Obstetrics And Gynecology



And it operates obstetrics and gynecology sections of the following places:




Specialized units sections of women:

The unit diagnosis of female genital tract diseases and treatment of infertility and treatment of other diseases.
Unity has been supplying with equipment the following:
Abdominal surgical telescope (Laparoscopy).
Rahmy surgical telescope (Hysteroscopy).

The unit under the auspices of the follow-up of pregnant women and the fetus, especially risk pregnancies using the latest equipment and diagnosis of disease and the discovery of fetal complications of pregnancy.
It has been supplying the unit with equipment the following:
A sophisticated device for ultrasound.
Device to draw the promise of fetal pulse CTG.
Rooms are equipped to cases of preeclampsia.

Unit was established early detection of tumors in 1987 then followed by a series of scientific messages and research in the field service.
Unity and the early diagnosis of tumors of the reproductive system of women and then begin in early treatment.
The supply unit as follows:
Microscopic vaginal speculum Colposcopy.
Device to deal with cases of pre-cancerous cervical (Loop Diathermy).


With the aim of:



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