Obstetrics And Gynecology


  • Accompanied the creation of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology opening of the Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura and since that date and section in constant expansion in all areas of obstetrics and gynecology.


And it operates obstetrics and gynecology sections of the following places:



  • Section 9 of the cases of Gynecology and contains (32 beds).
    Section 10 of the cases of Gynecology and contains (29 beds).
    Prenatal care, pregnancy and the risk section contains (25 beds).
    Section 15 to take care of the risk of pregnancy and gynecology (treatment of economic salaried Ramzy) and contains (26 beds).
    Reception (births - own disease emergency, obstetrics and gynecology) and contains (21 beds).
    Outpatient clinic for obstetrics.
    Outpatient clinic for follow-up of pregnancy and the fetus.
    Outpatient clinic for early detection of tumors of the reproductive tract.
    The obstetrics and gynecology department contribute effectively in several areas, including the field of diagnosis and treatment where cope with section development in the modern treatments and be the first to be provided to serve the people of Dakahlia province and neighboring provinces and, for example, was laparoscopic surgeries introduction of the telescope IUD for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions that affect the female reproductive system as well as the microscopic vaginal speculum for early detection of tumors of the reproductive system of women.
    In the area of ​​service of the environment contributes to section positive contribution to overcoming the problems and try to find solutions to them, especially in relation to their own areas such as maternal and child health and maternal mortality and its causes and fertility rates and the extent of the spread and effective family planning methods.
    The department participate in the work of medical convoys that carried out by the university or the province to a medical survey to identify health problems and find solutions to them in cooperation with local devices.
    For the Department of positive contributions to the rationalization of the concept of safe reproductive health, initiated by Mansoura University before Population Conference held in Cairo in 1994 that created the special units (unit fertility care) and that are interested in maternal health of reproductive health safe perspective and that the achievement of the basic pillars of reproductive health.


Specialized units sections of women:

  • Endoscopic Surgery Unit of Obstetrics

The unit diagnosis of female genital tract diseases and treatment of infertility and treatment of other diseases.
Unity has been supplying with equipment the following:
Abdominal surgical telescope (Laparoscopy).
Rahmy surgical telescope (Hysteroscopy).

  • Unit prenatal care and pregnancy risk

The unit under the auspices of the follow-up of pregnant women and the fetus, especially risk pregnancies using the latest equipment and diagnosis of disease and the discovery of fetal complications of pregnancy.
It has been supplying the unit with equipment the following:
A sophisticated device for ultrasound.
Device to draw the promise of fetal pulse CTG.
Rooms are equipped to cases of preeclampsia.

  • Unit early detection of tumors

Unit was established early detection of tumors in 1987 then followed by a series of scientific messages and research in the field service.
Unity and the early diagnosis of tumors of the reproductive system of women and then begin in early treatment.
The supply unit as follows:
Microscopic vaginal speculum Colposcopy.
Device to deal with cases of pre-cancerous cervical (Loop Diathermy).


With the aim of:


  • Adoption of outpatient treatment system to reduce the economic cost of hospitalization.
    Reduce the number of cases that may be lost during follow-up.
    The Unit has organized a training course in this area in 2003 and will be organized on a regular basis.
    As the Unit in collaboration with the Ministry of Health Dakahlia Governorate to start the project early detection of tumors using vinegar as a way commensurate with the conditions of society.


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