Mental illness


Section was created with the start of work at the Faculty of Medicine, where he was a unit of internal diseases unit then became independent in 1994 and was department equipped with the latest devices and technical possibilities and offers educational, therapeutic and training services in the field of psychiatry.

Section tasks:

  • Therapeutic tasks include the following:
    Electrical work sessions.
    Action planning using brain electrical device (HELIGE 65).
    Planning brain electrical work on the device (GALILEE).
    Halsat work and psychological tests individually and collectively.
    A social research by a select group of social workers.
    Debate clinical cases and described the treatment plan for each patient.
    Social and sports activities for patients with internal section.
    The necessary research work to complete the diagnostic and therapeutic process and the organization of sessions cerebral rhythm of the patient (electric shock).
    Tasks in the educational and training activity:
    Provide teaching and training service for students on the latest teaching methods and curricula developed.
    An action plan for the development of psychological training and education.



Specialized units of the department:

1. unit addiction, rehabilitation

  • 2. Unit of psychiatry for the elderly

.         3. unit of psychiatry for children

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