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General Surgery Department was established at the beginning of the work in hospitals and the university is divided into:

Section (9) gynecologist and contains 32 beds.
Section (10) gynecologist and contain 29 beds.
Prenatal care, pregnancy section Ktroihtoa to 25 beds.
Section 15 to take care of the risk of pregnancy and disease sciatica (economic treatment paid symbolic) and contain 26 beds.
Reception (births - Emergency own Obstetrics and Gynecology disease) and contain 21 beds.
Outpatient clinic for obstetrics.
Outpatient clinic for follow-up of pregnancy and the fetus.
Outpatient clinic for early detection of tumors of the reproductive system.
Specialized units and therapeutic services:
1. unit and tummy tuck cosmetic surgery and burns:

- Unity was established in 1983 and follow the general surgery department and follows the cosmetics unit 14 beds and distributed as follows 0.5 7 family Surgery Department 0.12 Department and the unit provides services in the following areas:

  • Distortions resulting from the burns.
    Congenital malformations.
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the skull.
    Microscopic surgery.
    Hand surgery.
    Complementary surgeries.
    Bed sores.
    Baldness cure.
    Chronic leg ulcers.
    Breast reconstruction.
    The field of scientific activity:
    Teaching plastic surgery and burns to undergraduate students.
    Intern training on how to treat burns.
    Laboratory conducting research in the field of cosmetic surgery, and tummy tuck at home and abroad.
    Conduct training courses for doctors.
    Doctorate degree of unity.
  •  Future Plans
The establishment of the plastic surgery and burns at Mansoura University Center and will be the foundation stone was laid soon.

2. Unit endocrine glands surgery and surgery masculinity diseases::

Established in 1991, the unit conducted operations of the thyroid gland of various types such as resection or radical thyroid and parathyroid eradication, agriculture operations parathyroid gland.

Unit equipment:

  • -Wave ultrasound for early diagnosis of cases of varicocele (Doppler U / S).
    The capacity and efficiency of the cases of sexual dysfunction in men palaces device (RIGISCAN).
    Caution urged the device and the nerves (Nerve Simulation).
3. Unit Vascular Surgery:
Established in 1987 and the unit to receive cases from the outpatient clinic
medical services:
  • Extraction of acute arterial clots.
    The treatment of clots in the deep veins of the leg.
    Connecting arteries lacerated wound during accidents.
    Action ext arterial venous for patients with kidney failure "suction".
    Altmamdat for the treatment of arterial aorta and peripheral arteries.
    Replace the arteries of children Alsnvi either intravenously or by using industrial arteries.
    Foot care for diabetics.



Unit equipment:.


There is unity and devices including:
  • Doppler sinus mobile devices.
    A peripheral vascular examination.
    Duplexes colored device that shows arteries and veins and the presence of clots or not.
    The ability to make examination of the arteries and veins Balohat colored dyes.
    Catheter Fujrta extracted clots from arteries and veins.
    Connecting the neck cavity Albrighton pureed devices.
    Scientific and training courses:
    Training doctors and doctors excellence residing on advanced surgical procedures and how to use the devices on the unit.
    A seminar for Vascular Surgery at the level of the Republic.
    Subscribe to the league conference for Vascular Surgery, as well as the Mediterranean Forum.


4. Unit colorectal and anal surgery:

Established in 1997 a subsidiary of the Department of Surgery, and the unit perform specialized surgeries such as

Major surgery:
  • Colectomy with re-connected to the small intestine using Aldbact rectal surgery in cases of active ulcerative inflammation of the colon.
    Rectal cancer.
    Repair anal muscles.
    Fall anal various operations.
    Fistulas Altasasa various grades.
Surgeries Statistics:
  • Which are local anesthesia in cases of anal hemorrhoids and anal fissure and anal fistulas.
    Anal hemorrhoids advanced operations..
Unit equipment:
  • A kinetic study of the rectum and anal muscles to your computer.
    Binoculars colon.
    Binoculars anus and rectum for microscopic surgery.
    Injector fat and Teflon used in cases of fecal incontinence.
5. Unit of Pediatric Surgery:
  • It was created in 1983.
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