Cardiothoracic surgery


Established Section Faculty of 1970 Medicine and was supervised by the Thoracic Surgery Department in Mansoura Chest Hospital was transferred to the campus in 1992 and the section is all heart are locked surgeries and surgeries chest, since 1993 and Section performs open-heart surgery, chest surgery, major
The composition of the building:
Heart and Thoracic Surgery of the three-storey building consists of:
  • first floor
Has an outpatient, medical gas network, analysis laboratories, modern sterilization station special operations heart and chest.
  • second floor
2 has a number of operations room, 12-bed intensive care unit equipped with a ventilator and follow-up devices.
Private lab intensive care and processes to conduct urgent tests.
Three devices for blood gases in addition to the lecture hall and administrative offices.
  • Third Floor
There are 2 Gervhamilit surgery for chest and the chest cavity telescope, store for machinery and pharmacy section, two wings for men and harem connected to gas.

Section Equipment

  • Two operations to perform open-heart surgery and a blocked.
    Room for chest surgery and other operations room for surgery telescope chest cavity.
    Operating rooms are equipped with fully equipped from the tables for operations and equipment anesthesia, monitoring and group private surgical machines wounds the heart, chest and binoculars chest and metal optical fiber device visible Osai and the generator electrical and provider of medical gas network, the number of (2) Imokron device to follow the liquidity of blood during operations and all heart valves, ring to repair the mitral valve, micro-room operations and per day.
    There department number 2 industrial heart of your brand Transomega Sarns, and brand Sarna 7000 equipped with all the possibilities in a comprehensive operating two cooling and heating, and two devices to detect bubbles Aldmujhaz detect low and high blood level of oxidized.
    Different types of oxidants blood membrane and bubble.
    Different types of stockpiles and blood tubing sets.
    Different types of Kaniwlat aorta and Kaniwlat veins and links.
    All types of fluids used during open-heart surgery Alcardjublejia comprehensive solutions.
    Heart assist device Balbalonh arterial.
    Two Imokron to follow the proportion of heparin in blood.
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