Anesthesia department was established at the beginning of the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine Mansoura under the supervision of the Department of Anesthesiology Cairo University and the Department of General Surgery Bklahtab Mansoura then separated section from Cairo University in 1972, the Supreme Council's decision on the organization of regional universities and then separated from the Department of Surgery.
His name was changed to the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Surgical was established in 1998 and intensive care units for patients with critical situations University Hospital.
Section tasks:
The provision of educational service at the Faculty of Medicine Mansoura.
Altabbaan training doctors to the Ministry of Health on the anesthesia and intensive care for patients with critical situations.
Provide opportunities for the anesthesia Tdrrab critical situations flour and medicine, which requires special medical centers in the world, universities and skills.
Provision of medical services in medical convoys carried out by the University of Mansoura.
Providing scientific and practical training opportunities for members of the department in the world's largest medical centers in France, Germany, Hungary and the United States of America.
Section Equipment
Section highest provider of anesthesia and monitoring devices available at Egyptian universities, where there is the following:
Full suite of surgical operations with 30 operations room containing 35 Table operations.
And surgical intensive care unit.
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