Chest diseases


  • Chest Diseases Department began as a unit within internal medicine departments in 1970.
    Section became a unit of the Batinah own department in 1984.
    Section became independent in itself as one of the departments of the college in 28/7/1991 m.
    The first section fully rooftop of a building located Batinah own.

Modern devices and diagnostic possibilities section:

Integrated plant of the functions of the lungs and respiratory physiology.

A laboratory for the diagnosis of asthma and treatment sera.

The integrated module of binoculars respiratory (fibrous and solid) as well as binoculars Albullora.

The possibility of taking samples of the lung and the membrane and crystalline needles Alehizum by a group dedicated to it.

Services provided by the Department:

Detection of cases and follow-up outpatient clinics and respiratory diseases and diseases of sleep and allergies.
Department of Homeland booked for severe cases and critical: (4) wards of the patients (40 beds).
New units and equipment department:
The intensive care unit and respiratory include the number (5) family.
Unit respiratory disorders of sleep.
A laboratory for the diagnosis of allergies and treatment sera.
Unit functions breathing.
Unit Telescope rib (PDF fibrous photosynthesis - Albullora telescope).
Unit popular diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives:
Messages research and research projects:

Section oversaw many of the theses, and doctoral theses in respiratory diseases as well as the participation of the rest of the departments in the supervision of the messages.

The completion of the section number (2) research project funded by the private university fund for pneumonia for patients with HIV and the other on the evaluation clinical and immune therapy sera in asthma patients for allergic rhinitis and connection with the completion of a research project funded by the Environmental Affairs for the evaluation and diagnosis of tuberculosis in a village in Dakahlia as well as a field project for allergies in the province of Dakahlia.

Scientific achievements:
Section won the best Master in 1994 as well as the best research in the same year.
Section of more than 150 research publications in local and international journals.
Contributes to the department in the service of the environment through seminars and medical convoys and research that are interested in this field


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