The D / Ahmed Bayoumi Shehab Eddin, head of the university opened a convalescent hospital in Mansoura University in the presence of each of the D / Osama Al-Baz, Director General of hospitals, D / Samir Attia director of the hospital and the hospital is built on an area of ​​700 meters, and consists of a ground floor and seven the roles of frequent card 255 beds and seven repeated 255 card bed, (25 intensive care -30 treatment paid -50 cases of vomiting and bloody - 50 stroke - 100 sections surgery) at a total cost of 15 million pounds has been funded by voluntary contributions and the contribution of Business Association, which donated $ 1.0008 million thousand,
The building and its components as follows:
  • Ground floor: and has a blood bank and the main exchange.
    First floor: an administrative role.
    Second round: Department of neurological diseases.
    Third round: is divided into two parts (vomiting blood - nerve disease).
    Fourth round: Department of bloody vomiting.
    Fifth, sixth and seventh floor: (surgery) department.
    The building also houses a pharmacy and a number of employees nearly 325 doctors, technicians and administrators, totaling 200 surgeon from the Faculty of Medicine at the various surgeries in addition to the 15 doctors of the unity of the bloody vomiting and 30 doctors from professors nerves in addition to the 80 nurse.
     There is an electronic system that all administrative and medical departments to the building.
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