Patient rights

Patient rights
Recognizing that each patient is an independent individual self-contained and has its own needs of health care, the family of the new medical centers University Hospital to provide full health care needed by the patient and respond to the demands and needs of patients with respect to the service seeking within the limits of what offered the potential centers. The patient's rights is the main goal, which centers seek to achieve the fullest.
Access to care:
· The patient should not be deprived of appropriate care on the basis of race, religion, customs or color, nationality or ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, source of income or medical costs cover type.
· All patients will receive equal medical treatment for the same diagnosis and the needs of health care.
· The patient has the right to require additional care in the event of disability, such as wheelchairs or so, so as to compensate for his disability
· Treatment will be patient with due respect and full appreciation for his dignity and independent character, including personal privacy in treatment and care, particularly patients with special needs.
· The patient will not be subjected to any kind of physical or psychological abuse and will not be allowed to treat the patient inappropriately by anyone.
Security and Safety :
· The patient's right to expect the best possible level of safety with regard to the hospital environment and behavior followed in medical procedures.
· Protect him as well as a patient, regardless of age category of harassment, violence or abuse, the hospital also provides special protection for newborns through the application of the best standards of security and safety applicable in this regard.
· The patient's right to be his personal privacy and should have the right to visit preference or not.
· The patient's right to be interviewed and examined separately or to choose a companion present during the conduct physical examinations.
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