Goals of center

Educational goals and medical centers, which seeks to achieve in the future:
· Developing the institutional capacity of medical centers as one of the new local medical and scientific centers of excellence on the level.
· The development of educational Maieraltvaalah new medical centers as one of the learning centers of excellence at the local level.
· Raise the efficiency of all employees and raise the efficiency level of scientific research in new medical centers as one of the outstanding scientific centers at the local level.
· Graduation of doctors and trained medical staff training in the areas of these disciplines.
· A specialized scientific research to study master's and doctoral and research faculty members
· Training doctors at the county level and neighboring provinces and the announcement of the open training courses for doctors neighboring Arab world and the region.
· Scientific correlation between the hospital and their counterparts in order to raise the level of scientific performance and training opportunities and exchange of scientific and participation in research and scientific seminars and international conferences in the areas through joint research projects.
Medical Goals and medical centers, which seeks to achieve in the future:
· Provision of health care services and therapeutic specialist.
· Provide preventive medical care and early diagnosis and health education.
· Conduct scientific research aimed at the provision of health services in these disciplines.
· Conducting the Status of treatment protocols in the field of research specialization.
· The development of advanced technology in the field of diagnosis, treatment and prevention in the field of these disciplines
Puma Rihanna
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