Salaried Treatment Unit

Unity was established on 05.23.1989 hospital management board and approved by the president of the university's decision dated 31.05.1989 and Regulation that special project paid within university hospitals and hospitals approved by the Board of Directors on 05.12.1990 was approved on 25/6 Cilgamah treatment / 1990
Unity goals
Not to make a profit but to provide medical services within the limits of the possibilities available and affordable cost.
To provide third-party tests are available outside the university hospitals, for example, X-MRI medical tests and physical therapy sessions and sessions of radiation therapy
Conduct of a special nature and high cost of operations as processes of heart and chest surgery,
Perform a bone marrow transplant operations
Accept cases of liver disease
Accept cases of tumors and blood diseases that need treatment course Kimoe or radiation oncology and nuclear medicine department and the unity and the unity of tumors inwardly blood diseases
Measuring hearing sessions and address the brain or draw, sketch or draw a heart muscles or sound waves on the heart.
Provide fertility tests related to disease
Provide a service for patients who want treatment at their own expense and patients to health insurance beneficiaries and affiliated bodies and contracting companies.
The unit providing fertility tests related to disease by fertility unit test bone density and osteoporosis analysis and the work of some diagnostic endoscopes
How to deal with customers Unity
Special Account patients who are patients who want treatment at their own expense and they are treated on the basis of a cash payment as a deposit is determined by the duration of treatment prescribed treatment Oonoa surgery is required to take place.
Patients referred from agencies and contracting companies are handled through the contract with the body affiliates or companies that pay the amount determined by the size of the annual deal as a deposit for the contract paid in cash or by check.
Patients belonging to the bodies and non-Contracting companies are treated calculates the estimated costs for the treatment of the body or the company to repay their advance payment as a deposit for the treatment of work while the actual costs of treatment bill for his release from the hospital.
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