General Manager's word

Brother visitor 

   With all the meanings of love and welcome, I am happy to greet visitors to the website of Mansoura University Hospitals

   Mansoura University Hospital aims to provide medical service in the various disciplines of healthy subjects to people of the province and the provinces rather, and scientific at the highest level of teaching for students of the Faculty of Medicine and the opening of the hospital training areas through practical training programs and Continuing Education Medical, a specialized scientific research for students of the Master - PhD - Research faculty members to be medical service competition reflected on the community.  

   The University Hospitals has itself developed through the conversion of management within the hospital of traditional management to electronic administration without the need for paper transactions which saves time and effort through various electronic systems that have Ptflleha. 
   Any achievement achieved by the hospital but it is a continuation of the efforts of previous administrations and the fruit of cooperation and solidarity and effort of all the hospital staff

   In the hope that this information provided by this site the level that we all that come.
   And ask God to guide us towards progress and prosperity to raise the banner repeated his dear

prof.dr / Yahya Bassiouni 

Bones professor


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